Thameside 2You often hear it said that canoeing and kayaking are for those who don’t enjoy (or don’t think they’re very good at) traditional team sports such as football or hockey. I know I’ve said it myself. Yet when you think about it teamwork is just as important in paddlesport as it is on the soccer pitch. There will always be those that want to paddle their own canoe, literally going off on their own. But for the majority of us, a river descent becomes possible only because of the companions we have on the day – helping with transport, scouting the route, getting us out of trouble if we need it. Training for the DW earlier this year highlighted how reliant I was not only on my partner in the boat, but our support crew on the bank too. Teamwork, collective decision-making, shared goals and the like are just as relevant to paddling as they are in any other sport.

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