Fun and games

L1 fun at Engage WatersportsJune has come and (almost) gone in a blur of fun and games on the water for me. With another Level 1 coach course completed this month and more work with paddlers with a range of disabilities I am constantly reminded what a fantastic and accessible sport this is and how lucky I am to be involved in it. Of course having some wonderful weather helps, but it has been great to see how willing people are, sometimes literally, to throw themselves in at the deep end.

Activity on the water is at the heart of what we do as coaches both in terms of being a key component of our coaching models and also how we keep people engaged and wanting to come back for more. Within the IDEAS framework we know that activity is the area that we should be spending the greatest part of our time on and while skill development may be important we should never lose our sense of fun along the way. Working with some trainee Level 1 coaches last week it was good to see a wide range of activities being packed into even the shortest short coaching sessions. With more courses through July and August I’m looking forward to even more fun on the water this summer.

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