Thanks for sharing

Hurley Christmas24 coaches trained or assessed at Level 2, 85 keen and eager paddlers trained and assessed at Level 1, over a hundred more met and helped with leadership, safety and skills training in canoe, kayak and paddleboard; it’s been another busy year.

I reckon I’ve met and worked with over 200 new faces in 2016 and been out on or beside the water on over 200 days. And I can honestly say I’ve not regretted a single one of them.

There’s something about the paddlesport community that I find really special and that’s the openness and willingness to share, whether it’s skills, top tips or experiences. I often remark at the beginning of courses how much course members will learn from each other as well as from the delivery team, and how I’ll expect to take away from the course at least one thing that’s new to me too.

My coaching toolbox is being constantly refreshed as I see new games introduced on coaching courses, hear new analogies used to explain techniques, watch other coaches show new ways to deliver sessions and find leaders bringing, often literally, new approaches to drops and other features.

So, I’d just like to say thank you to all those I’ve met and paddled with in 2016. Thank you for helping me keep my love of our fantastic sport fresh and alive. I’ve travelled and paddled in some wonderful places this year and seen some amazing sights but it’s always the people that I’m with or meet along the way that make each day special. Thank you for sharing, and best wishes for the Christmas season.

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