And never too old either!

Dennis goes in !Having blogged about my experience working on foundation safety and rescue skills with young children, I found myself only a few days later afloat with a local group whose average age is significantly higher.

The crowd at Phyllis Court CC at Henley are amazing. Mainly retired, or of retirement age, most have discovered the joys of kayaking late in life but have taken to it like, well, ducks to water. With an active programme of short trips on the Thames and forays further afield, members are positively encouraged to develop their skills. The British Canoeing 1 Star award is seen as a minimum standard with many working towards 2 Star and the club even boasts a ‘home grown’ Level 1 Coach.

The club’s #NGCW activity was an improver skills session on the Thames at Phyllis Court where we went through sweep turns, rudders and draws. As many readers will know, one of my mantras is ‘trunk rotation’ – and I’m pleased to say that for most of these sprightly 70 year olds trunk rotation really wasn’t a problem.

Thank you Dennis for showing other members how easy it is to get back into a boat after a capsize, and to John Downing for the photo.

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