Pass the passion

L1 SUP Bray Mar19 (11)Why do we do it? Because we love it and we love sharing it!

I’ve enjoyed some really good times on the water this month, both with new and established friends and again been struck by how passionate so many of us are about paddlesport. Asking aspirant instructors at the start of course why they are there and the P word is repeated time and time again. Whatever other motivations we may have for wanting to share skills and experiences with others, the sheer joy of being on the water and seeing the same delight in others comes over all the time.

As readers of this blog will know I’ve spent increasing amounts of time on paddleboards in the last few years and SUPing has been a great way of keeping my own passion fresh. Kayak skills were developed through my early experiences afloat and translating those to canoe came later. While the basics in both were relatively easy to pick up turning technique into ever more skilful performance is an on-going process. And SUPing is the same. I often tell people that paddling is just about putting a stick in the water and pulling yourself up to or pushing yourself away from it. But the human body can achieve these simple tasks in a myriad of ways and with seeming infinite variation.

Add the intrinsic delight in finding increasing fluency with a paddle, increased core strength and stability (really developed through SUP!) and the ever-changing environment we paddle in and it’s no wonder so many people enjoy paddlesport. And so many paddlers are keen to become coaches, instructors and leaders to pass their passion on to others.

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