Plastic Patrol

Plastic PatrolIsn’t amazing how everyone seems to be re-inventing themselves as we all respond to the Covid-19 restrictions! I’ve always considered the outdoors – rivers and hills when I can and pavements when I can’t – as my gym, but this new world has seen me joining other members of my family for workouts at home in front of a screen.

The latest was an IGTV Live workout hosted by Lizzie Carr and Plastic Patrol. I first came across Plastic Patrol a couple of years ago when I joined Lizzie and others for a litter clean up on a local backwater, the Maidenhead cut which links the town with Thames near Bray. I’ve been on other organised litter-picks and those that have paddled with me will know I make a point of collecting any obvious pieces of litter that I come across while paddling when I can. And it’s been great to see the response to Lizzie’s campaign and the frequency with which I see other paddlers doing the same.

Lizzie’s latest #5piecechallenge has helped inspire my family too. The ‘price’ of joining Lizzie and her guests online is to collect five pieces of litter the next time you go afloat. Sadly this has been very easily achieved on a couple of family paddles on the Thames in recent weeks.

Looking at the media coverage of the rubbish left by mass gatherings on beaches and in parks during the recent spell of hot weather is depressing, but the more people see others picking up litter, the wider the message will be spread.

I’ll continue to invite others to take part in the #5piecechallenge.  And I suspect I’ll be joining in more online workouts next month as the current restrictions continue!

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